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This resin is designed for DLP 3D printers with true Ultra-Violet emitters like the Asiga-UV line that have a 385nm emitters. Coupled with the Asiga Pico2HD27-UV or Pico2HD37-UV machines it is the ideal combination for micro-fluidic research and other medical applications where accuracy and ultra-fine details like channels, or internal tubes are required. For these applications it is best to use our High Power, Inert gas enabled curing units so that the gas forces out the oxygen in all areas to prevent oxygen inhibition of your medical related parts.

The Pro3dure GR-1 Clear resin is a low viscosity, bio-compatible, UV stabilised clear resin based on (meth) acrylate for the preparation of audiology components and many other applications where bio-compatibility is important. GR-1 Clear is exceptional for high resolution parts for DLP machines with LED emitter peak wavelengths between 365nm and 385nm but can build items of lower resolution with LED emitter peaks of 385nm. GR-1 guarantees high process robustness without brittleness and meets the highest standards of aesthetics.

Parts made from pro3dure GR-1 can be sterilised with ethylene oxide, gamma radiation or steam. They remain dimensionally stable and virtually free from discoloration.

Your benefits:

  • Bio-Compatibility
  • High UV-resistance of the material
  • Process reliability due to strength and lack of brittleness
  • Economical price

Resins are non-returnable.

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