Technical support for Direct Casting of 3D Printed UV Resin Parts: (Includes chemicals, hardware, and instructions)

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Customer Technical Support for Direct Casting of 3D UV Resin Parts

Many people all over the world are having problems casting 3D UV resin parts. Rough surfaces from mold breakdown, investment inclusions, incomplete burnouts, investment washout, are common problems. With over 4 decades in casting, and a couple decades of those decades casting prototypes including UV resins, I have developed standard operating procedures, chemical additives, process modifications, and unique methods, and products for getting the best possible casting quality from your printed resin parts. No magic, smoke or mirrors here, only physics, chemistry, and mathematics. This price includes a complete kit that includes the chemicals, gear, and especially the instructions you will need to get ideal direct castings using normal gypsum bonded investment.

We have spent years and hundreds of thousands of dollars researching and developing these methods and products. We are a for profit business and if you would like our help please consider this offer. We commit to you that if you follow our directions to the letter, you will get beautiful consistent castings.

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